Top 10 Most Famous Streets in the U.S to Visit


Arguably, there’s a famous street in nearly every town in the U.S. But here are some famous ones that you should absolutely visit…

1) Wall Street – New York

Wall Street is home to some of the largest brokerages and investment banks in the whole of the U.S! It’s famous for employing thousands of people and having a huge impact on the economy. So it’s definitely worth walking down and seeing where all of the hustle and bustle takes place!

2) Pennsylvania Avenue – Washington D.C

One thing is for sure, a walk down Pennsylvania Avenue will give you so much meaning after learning about its history. It’s become one of the U.S’s most known streets for many reasons. Such as its huge role in the fight for women’s rights, worker right’s, civil right’s and so much more! There are many protests, marches and celebrations on this street throughout the year.

3) Hollywood Boulevard – Los Angeles

This street is very famous because it’s home to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame! It currently has over 2700+ celebrities on the stars, with more being added as someone is deemed worthy. There are also many other famous landmarks on this street, such as Babylon Courtyard and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. So it’s no surprise that it attracts over 10 million visitors every year.

4) Bourbon Street – New Orleans

Bourbon Street is undoubtedly one of the most well-known streets in New Orleans. You will find it in the heart of the beautiful French Quater. If you like a good time, then this street is where the party is at! They are well-known for hosting celebrations all throughout the year.

5) Beale Street -Memphis

The street opened all the way back in 1841. It’s was founded by Robert Church, a former enslaved person. Therefore, his goal was to make this street someone where black people and the culture could not only feel safe but thrive too. There are currently lots of black businesses here as there is always an incredible and lively atmosphere. With lots of clubs and bars with loud music!

6) Las Vegas Boulevard – Las Vegas

Las Vegas Boulevard is without a doubt the hotspot of Las Vegas. It has everything you need! From top-class casinos, high-quality restaurants, bars, a variety of shops, entertainment centres and SO much more. It’s home to the famous ”Las Vegas Strip” too. So if you want a fun and lively (maybe boozy) night, this street will definitely give you that.

7) The Magnificent Mile – Chicago

This street stretches down13 blocks and has everything you need! From a huge variety of high-end shops, prestigious restaurants, lively bars, art galleries, entertainment and so much more. This street has a reputation for glitz and glamour and attracts the most affluent of society! If you’re not looking to break the bank, a walk down it and embracing the sophisticated charm is still a great feeling.

8) Rodeo Drive – Beverly Hills

This is a two-mile-long street and will give you 3 blocks of absolute luxury! With streets full of high-end fashion and glamour. This street has appeared in many different films, one of them being ”Beverly Hills Cop” of course. It has a very classy reputation. And again, if you don’t want to break the bank, window shopping is super fun too!

9) Sunset Boulevard – West Hollywood

This street starts at the heart of Los Angles and is 22 miles long! You will find everything you need here. From high-end designer shops, high street shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, fitness centres, spas and so much more. It’s where you’ll find the ”sunset strip” which is bursting with energy and atmosphere as people take to the town for the night. It also becomes home to many successful people, including actors, writers and athletes.

10) Michigan Avenue – Chicago

And last but not least, Michigan Avenue. This street is home to many must-see places in Chicago. Such as the Art Institute Chicago, Millennium Park and Chicago Water Tower. It’s the perfect place to spend a day shopping because there is a HUGE variety of shops from high-street to high-end. And there are so many restaurants to choose from when you need a bite to eat. It’s a very popular place for tourists to stay with lots of hotels to choose from on the street.

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